Will a breast augmentation lift my breasts?


Commonly patients present to my office often after having children requesting that their breast be restored to their pre-pregnancy appearance. Many of these patients have involution or loss of  breast volume. In those patients that do not have breast sagging, then implants are an excellent choice.  One fallacy, is that many patients believe that if breast augmentation is performed in this type of scenario, it somehow lifts the breasts as well. In general, implants do not lift the breasts to any significant degree.  Implants only restore lost volume. If a patient needs a lift, then implants alone will not accomplish this. But, sometimes fewer incisions are required for a breast lift. In other words, a patient who has a breast augmentation will perhaps get a nice result with a lollipop type incision instead of an inverted “T” or anchor type incision. Or if they were a candidate for a lollipop type lift without implants, with implants they may only need a circumareola lift.

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