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BOTOX in Manhattan

Can Botox cause Botulism?
The therapeutic dose of Botox used to improve the animation lines of the forehead and regions around the eyes is markedly lower than the potential toxic doses that could cause Botulism. In general, it is a very safe product with very few side effects.

If I use it repeatedly, will I require less Botox each time and can I go longer without requiring re-treatment?

Interestingly, it appears that after repeated use, the muscles of animation that are treated with Botox are weakened and if used regularly, will result in a longertime interval between treatments with lower dosing required to produce the desired result.


COLLAGEN in Manhattan

Are people still using collagen now that other products that last longer are available?
Collagen is a reliable facial filler. It has been time tested. Many patients are happy with the consistent results and the relative cost to other products available. So, yes, it is still being used very frequently.



Where do you get the fat for injection?
The fat used for injection is harvested from the patient directly. This can be obtained from the abdomen, flank, or thigh; almost anywhere on the body that has subcutaneous fat present.

Will it last forever after being injected?

Fat injection “take” in the face is an imperfect science, and often requires multiple treatments to get the desired effect. Once the fat “takes” it can last forever.



What are these products and how long do they last?
Restylane, Hylaform,and Juvederm are injectable forms of hyaluronic acid, a natural product found in the body. They do not require skin testing prior to use and usually last between 6-12 months depending upon the product used. They are used on nasolabial folds, lips, and areas around the mouth and chin.


SCULPTRA in Manhattan

What is Sculptra?
This is one of the newer products in the U.S. market that is currently only approved as a facial filler for lipoatrophy or fat loss secondary to HIV drug therapy. However, some physicians are using this “off-label” to treat fat wasting of the face that comes with natural aging. In Europe, this has been used for the past several years. It requires 2-4 treatments over a few months and is supposed to last for several years.


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