What is the recovery time of a buttock augmentation?


I think the recovery for a buttock augmentation depends upon the procedure performed. In general, I think that brazilian butt lift(BBL) patients heal a bit quicker and have less overall discomfort with the procedure. Postoperative instructions include not sitting on the buttocks for about 2 weeks and wearing a specific compression garment with the buttock region exposed. In general, the patient can go back to light duty, desk work, within 5-7 days.  For a buttock augmentation patient, they have a bit more discomfort and may need a few more days to recover than a BBL patient.  The compression garment I prefer is a standard garment that has a closed buttock or at least does not put pressure on the incision line.  In general, both types of patients can start light aerobics by about 4 weeks and heavy lifting by about 6-8 weeks.

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