What is a double bubble and how do you treat it?


A double bubble is a breast deformity that occurs when an implant either is too wide for the native breast mound that does not drape appropriately over the implant, or when the implant drifts down below the natural inframammary fold. For the former situation, one can have the lower pole of the breast “opened up” by scoring the gland so that it re-drapes better over the implant, or placing a smaller implant in the pocket that matches the breast base diameter better. This also may require a capsule repair to accommodate the smaller implant. For the latter situation, if the implant drifts down below the natural fold, it may be because the inframammary fold was undermined during the original surgical approach or the implant pushed through the weak inframammary fold. Either way, a capsulorrhaphy or pocket repair will need to be performed. Sometimes a smaller implant is recommended as well to be replaced into the pocket. Some surgeons will also use an acellular dermal matrix (ADM) to provide extra support for the pocket repair. Back to Questions


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