What breast implant volume is best for me?


Choosing the right breast implant for an individual is a complex decision process. First, patient’s goals are of prime importance. What size do they want? What shape are they looking for? What type of projection are they looking for? etc.. But a very important factor is the patient’s overall anatomy. How wide is the chest wall? What volume of breast tissue do they have? How loose is the skin? How thick is the skin?.. to name a few.  Once all this information is taken into consideration, a range of implants are selected for possible use. I will often have the patients perform a “baggy test” at home to see if they like the volume chosen. Then in the operating room, I will have several different sizes and shapes of implants to choose from based upon all these factors, and then use the information obtained during consultation and what I see in the operating room to make the final decision. Back to Questions


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