What are the risks of getting a facelift?


In general, facelift surgery is safe.   The most common issues that develop are prolonged skin numbness which often improves as the swelling goes down, and bruising which can last 1-2 weeks for most patients.  Other less common risks include skin necrosis, fat necrosis, hematomas, fluid collections like seromas, infections, and contour irregularities  as well as unfavorable scarring.  While quite rare, there have been some reports of facial nerve injuries which  can result in facial animation weakness. Many of these go on to heal without any sequelae or any need for further surgical intervention, and fortunately they are quite rare.  Most of these procedures are performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general  anesthesia and of course there are some risks.   Thanks to  modern technology and advancements of anesthesia techniques, the risks of anesthesia are extremely low.

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