Breast Lift Techniques

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There are several different techniques used for breast lifting. Breast lifting techniques can vary depending upon the amount of sag or tosses of the breast, the amount of skin that is present that is loose as well as the overall volume of the breast and the position of the nipple or areola complex. So I prefer to do the least amount of incisions and sometimes that can be as little as a circumocular incisions around the border of the areola or lifting it up often that is done with a breast augmentation implant or we can do a vertical mastopexy or breast diffusing an incision around the border areola and then align from the nipple down to the fold. This is called a vertical mastopexy and I written papers on this and presented it in national meetings. When patients have excessive laxity and large volume breasts that want a reduction as well as a lift, sometimes that incisions has to incorporate not only on the border of the areola and incisions down from the nipple to the fold but also including an incision along the infirmary fold the lower border of the breast that looks almost like an anchor incision.


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