New Beauty

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New Beauty

The thirties often is a time of alterations in lifestyle and body structure. More and more women are waiting until their thirties to have children. “After a woman has children, she can lose volume,” explains New York City plastic surgeon Steven Wallach, M.D. Pregnancy brings weight gain and hormone changes that alter the shape of your breasts and take a toll on self-esteem. Starting at around eight weeks into pregnancy, your breasts begin to get bigger and they’ll continue to grow. It’s common to go up a cup size or two. As the body prepares itself in anticipation of lactation, hormones stimulate development of milk-secreting glands embedded in the fatty tissue, swelling the breasts. Among the most common breast complaints from thirtysomething women:

Problem: Drooping, sagging breasts after pregnancy
Solution: Breast lift, with or without implants

Problem: Breasts that are too small
Solution: Breast augmentation

Problem: Breasts that are too large
Solution: Breast reduction