How can I get bigger buttocks?


There are two types of procedure that can produce larger buttocks.  One is called a brazilian buttock lift. This is a procedure is performed by first harvesting fat from donor sites commonly from the abdomen, waist, bra/back rolls, and thighs and then taking that fat and injecting it into the buttocks to enhance the size of the buttocks.  The limiting factor for this procedure is the availability of donor sites.  If a person is very thin, then they likely do not have enough donor sites to harvest fat  so that the buttocks can be adequately augmented. Some surgeons recommend patients put on weight in that situation, but many patients after the procedure like to get back down to their pre procedure weight, and unfortunately, as weight is lost, the fat cells shrink and the buttock will likely not maintain the volume placed. For those patients that do not have significant donor sites, buttock augmentation can be performed using specifically designed buttock implants. These are commonly placed through incisions in the buttock crease between the two cheeks. This can also be performed on patients who had a brazilian buttock lift but felt that they did not achieve the desired volume.

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