How can I fix capsular contracture?

How can I fix capsular contracture?

What is a capsular contracture? A capsular contracture is what forms around a breast implant. Normally, the body forms a natural, thin sheet, or capsule, around the implant. Over time, sometimes this capsule can get tight and can constrict the implant, sometimes forcing it up, sometimes pushing it to the side. And there are variations in the degree of capsule contraction, including how tight it can be and how uncomfortable it can be.

Why do these form? We’re not really sure. The main theory is a biofilm theory where there’s a low-level bacterial infection that somehow causes this.

There are many ways to treat capsule contractures, including removing the implants, removing the capsule, placing a brand-new implant in a new pocket, and/or providing an acellular dermal matrix as well, which will help possibly reduce the risk of capsular contracture reforming.

For more information, visit our breast reconstruction overview page.


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