Transabdominal breast augmentation is it for you? or Maximizing the abdominoplasty incision

Transabdominal breast augmentation or TABA is  an option for some women desiring a mommy makeover in the New York City office of Dr. Steven Wallach.  This is a technique in which the abdominoplasty incision is used to place breast implants either saline filled or silicone filled so that there is no incision on or near the breast.  This is done in conjunction with a full tummy tuck and in women that do not need a breast lift. I try to limit the amount of incisions used for any procedure so that the patient has less scars.  Liposuction of some areas can also be done through the tummy tuck incision. I  also have harvested rib cartilage for nasal augmentation grafts from this approach.  In addition, fat can be harvested for injection to the buttock or the face as well.  Fascial grafts for lip augmentation and nasal augmentation/camouflage have also been harvested through this approach.  As plastic surgeons, we like to think “out of the box” but in this case I like to “think within the box”, using the tissue or access within the “abdominal box” that is.


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