Liposuction is not just for models

Liposuction is the surgical removal of masses of extra accumulated fat. It is one of the more modern surgical treatments that has had to earn the trust of the patients over time.

Surgeons specializing in liposuction believe it to be more adequate for the extraction of fat accumulated in isolated areas that some other options. In certain areas, Fat can be difficult to remove by dieting or exercising alone. Examples of these are the abdomen, the flanks, the armpit, or the gluteus. For most people, it would require intensive regular sessions of cardio exercises to burn the fat accumulated there.

Models, actors and actresses, even singers consider liposuction.

Several alternative techniques can also be considered for the same or similar outcome. Here are 4:

Traditional Liposuction

Power Assisted Liposuction


Laser lipolysis

Liposuction is an art form, and should not be done by just any doctor, what some patients would call the ‘artistic character of the operation’ needs to be proven by a surgeon over time. For more information on Dr. Wallach, and his experience, schedule a consultation today!


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