Does Size Matter?

Does size matter?  Patients who desire breast augmentation often ask for a “C” or “D” cup. They want a significant change most of the time, and often when they show me photos of a  model they want to emulate, the implants look a lot larger than what I had anticipated placing. The physical exam is critical.  Looking at the patient’s anatomy and pointing out asymmetry( which is the norm)  is important to establish expectations. Reviewing implant options and sizes also is essential. I will often have patients try out a range of volumes so that we are “in synch” when it comes to choosing the best implant for them. Often patients want large implants, and sometimes their body frame can “handle it” and sometimes it can  not.  The larger the implant, the heavier it weighs.  This then impacts the ability of the chest soft tissues to support the weight.  The larger the implant, the more potential for visibility, thinning of the soft tissue, possible nipple numbness, and breast sagging.  So bigger may not always be better!


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