Age Better with BBL

Broadband light innovation technology
(BBL) is a laser procedure designed to treat skin damage caused by both age and the sun. This precise treatment allows your doctor to target even the finest areas of your skin in order to treat fine lines, sun spots, age spots, and several other skin problems that may be caused by old age. That way, you can get rid of all of the skin problems that you have that are caused by age, and enjoy your true self once again.   How Does It Work? By using this targeted light procedure, Dr. Wallach will be able to gently heat up the top layers of your skin. During the heating process, the skin will be encouraged to produce more collagen in order to replenish and replace the damaged skin that was initially heated up. During this process, your skin will restore itself to its natural appearance and leave you with a more even skin tone and softer looking skin.   Is it just for your Face? Unlike some laser treatments that are specifically designed for your neck and face, BBL can be used on any part of your body. Whether your target area is your hands, feet, face, or arms, the BBL treatment can be used to give you optimal results.   How Many Treatments Will I Need? Depending on the severity of the area that you are trying to target, you may have to receive anywhere from 2-5 treatments with at least a 4-8 week period in between each session. You and Dr. Wallach will be able to decide during your initial consultation the proper amount of treatments that will likely be needed in order for you to receive optimal results.   Does It Hurt? Unfortunately, much like any laser procedure, the BBL procedure may cause some amount of discomfort, but remember that it’s just temporary. Many people describe the sensation caused by laser treatments as a rubber band being released on your skin over and over.   If you would like to get your skin back to an age that you can recognize yourself at, it might be time to consider getting BBL. To learn more about BBL or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wallach, contact our office today!


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