Where are the incisions for a facelift?


Depending upon the type of facelift performed and who is doing the procedure, will determine where the incisions will be placed. Traditionally the incision starts in the temporal hairline and extends in front of the ear tragus and then goes behind the ear and back into the occipital hairline. I have found that these incisions are not always best in patients with severe skin laxity. This results in loss of good quality hair along the neck and the sideburn.  Additionally, the pre-tragal incision can leave a very noticeable scar.  I prefer in many cases, to place the upper portion in front of the hairline or sideburn to preserve the hair in this region. Typically, I will also place the incision behind the ear tragus, which is called a retrotragal position. In turn, this will better camouflage the incision in this area. When the incision goes behind the ear, I often like to keep it along the hairline as well to avoid loss of hair in this region. If performing a limited incision facelift, then the incision starts near the sideburn and ends at the base of the earlobe or slightly behind it.  My goal is to use the least amount of incisions and maintain a natural ear appearance and hairline to avoid telltale signs of a facelift. Back to Questions


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