What is the difference between a breast lift and augmentation?


Many patients who have sagging breasts come into the office desiring breast implants thinking that adding volume to the breasts may also lift them. However, implants mainly add volume. They do not lift the breasts to any significant degree.  The nipple areola complex will often stay close to the same position as where it started.  If a patient has sagging breast tissue and the nipple areola complex is low, then a formal lift is most likely required.  There are patients that can benefit from a breast augmentation and only need a small lift of the nipple areola complex. In those cases, I often do a  circumareoolar lift or what some refer to as a doughnut mastopexy.  It is a nice procedure that can help balance asymmetries for some women, but again it has to be for the right indications.    More formal lifts may employ a lollipop incision often using a vertical pedicle, or in those patients with a lot of loose skin an inverted T or anchor incision is used.  It is definitely tailored to the different individuals needs and discussed at the time of consultation.

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