What is a baggy test? – Breast Augmentation New York


A baggy test is a test that I sometimes have patients do at home after discussing breast implant options to “nail down” a volume that they might be happy with for breast augmentation. Basically, patients get a plastic bag that can twist-tie. I have them fill up the bag with either rice or water. They fill a measuring cup to the suggested volume and then pour that volume in the bag and tie it. They then put on a loose fitting bra, preferably one that they want to fill, and then add the filled bag into the bra cup. Then they put a tight t-shirt on over the bra to see if they like that volume.  Changing the volume as suggested in specific increments may help in the decision making process for the final implant volume.  It produces a rough estimate and seems to work for my patients in most cases. Back to Questions


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