What Type of Silicone Breast Implants Are Right For Me?

Serving New York City, Manhattan

Patients often asked about different types of silicone implant choices. There are different cohesiveness of different silicone implants. The standard implant that we have tend to be little softer and there were concern that if the implant rupture the gel would leak out of the implant. There are some newer implants that we’ve been hearing in the press called gummy implants which are firmer, more cohesive silicone gel implants, and so if the implant ruptures the gel is more like a jello. So if you think about it if you cut through it, the gelo stays in place just like the cohesive gel implants or more cohesive gel implants and these are now on the market. Some of the advantages of the jello said that if the implant ruptures don’t really leak out gel. However, the implants tend to be a little firmer and the implants need a slightly larger incisions than most standard silicone implants.


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