What Type Of Incisions Are Used for A Medial Thigh Lift?

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How to tell if there is medial thigh lift procedures different from one another? For medial thigh lifts, it really depends upon the extent of the laxity, the severity of the deformity from in the medial thigh most commonly it depends on patients who come in for massive weight loss depends upon how much weight they’ve lost and severity of the laxity of the skin. For many patients a crescent to tissue can be taken out in the upper inner thigh that’s nicely hidden in the groin crease and for other patients who have severe laxity that’s down toward their knee then incisions somewhat towards down the arm lift is done where you make it a same type incision along the inner thigh almost like an L up to the groin usually combines the crescent and vertical xxx component. So it looks like almost like an L in the way that I do it. It really depends upon the laxity of the tissues.


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