What Techniques Are there To Treat Gynecomastia?

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So what techniques are there to treat gynecomastia? It really depends upon the specific circumstance. If a patient has a severe laxity with sagging breast after like massive weight loss, then often times a more formal excisional approach will have to be undertaken and this can be any variety of excising the tissue through a transfer sensation then reinstating the nipple complex through a small hole were even putting it the nipple are suppose to its stem as a free graft. Lessen days of procedures which is my preference can be done for patients that have a mostly fatty component that don’t have a lot of loss skin. This can be done with standard liposuction hour an hour to 2 hours, with a 2 to 3 incisions around the chest. If there is a small glandular component then an incision along the low border of the areal from what I say to one o’clock to 3 o’clock can be done and this core hide very well and the tissue can be excised to that small incisions. Those are the approaches these variations to the themes and different technique can be combined to achieve the result that is desired.


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