What Is A DIEP Flap?

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What is a diep flap or a DIEP flap. This is a deep inferior epigastric perforator flap. It is used to breast reconstruction. It is harvested from the lower abdomen. So think of the soft tissue that is usually included in the tummy tuck the fat and skin from below the belly button to the pubic region. This tissue is elevated blood supply that feeds the soft tissue is skeletonized from the surrounding soft tissue which includes the area of the rectus muscles where penetrates and then follow this vessel down towards the groin into the inferior upper gastrics. Once an adequate length of vessel is achieved the tissue as well as its blood supplies divided blood supplies supporting to the chest and reattached often into the internal mammary vessels. This provides a nice breast reconstruction and a modified tummy tuck as well and this is one option in breast reconstruction.


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