What Are the Common Liposuction Techniques?

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What are the most common techniques for liposuction? I put them into different categories. Those techniques that used heat to melt the fat and those that don’t. Those that don’t include traditional liposuction using standards cannulas where the surgeons goes back and forth with the cannula to mechanically remove the fat. There are apparatus assisted liposuction devices where the cannula goes in and out they are actually to minimize the manual work the surgeon has to do. There are other techniques using a vaser which is ultrasonic energy to melt the fat and there are laser like pulses devices that can also melt the fat. All these devices are fine and you can get reasonable and nice results with any one of these technique and I always tell patients its not the one its not the device that gets you the results its the magician or the surgeon that is comfortable to give you the techniques that can give you the best results possible.


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