My Nose Is Crooked How Can It Be Fixed?

Serving New York City, Manhattan

Patients who request for a rhinoplasty often come in say can you correct the crookedness of my nose. My nose goes out to one side of the face. If the patient doesn’t have significant facial anomalies like one side truly much smaller than the other side then in general the nose can be straightened. I wish to have patients I can make it better, cuter, softer but I never can make it perfectly straight. The nose has certain memory through it in terms of cartilage of the bone and no matter how perfect I tried to get it there is always a slight deviation to one side but certainly and majority of cases the nose can be made much straighter using suiter techniques and cartilage drafting to modify the cartilage septum and do a modifications of these anatomies or control the cartilage and bone to reorient them as well.


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