How Do You Treat The Upper Eyelids?

Serving New York City, Manhattan

The strategies for the upper eyelids and the lower eyelids have changed quite a bit but this little been yet we’ll be discussing the upper eyelids. In general I think the upper eyelids have been over sculpted in the earlier history of blepharoplasty in the sense that eyes look to be a little bit drawn and patients almost look sickly from it. My goal is to preserve as much soft tissue in the upper eyelid but also improve the appearance so that the loose hanging skin that drips over their lashes is removed. I tried to preserve the soft tissue and muscle as much as possible in the central eye and I will do conservative fat removal along the middle or central aspect of the upper eyelid and I think that preserves the youthful aesthetically pleasing upper eyelids in the majority of patients.


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