How Do I Achieve the Bra Cup Size That I Want?

Serving New York City, Manhattan

Many women come in for breast augmentation requesting specific cup sizes for their bra. However, implant volumes don’t always correlate exactly with the bra cup sizes. What is a good idea is for patients to come in with photographs of breasts that they fell they want because what they envision as the specific cup size may be different that what I think it is. Once I decide with the patient what I think the appropriate volume I’ll often let them go home with a baggy test which is basically filling up that volume whether being with water or rice in a bag put them in a loose fitting bra and place in a loose and tight fitting t-shirt over there head. This will give a rough estimate of what they’re looking for. They may not get the cup size but then they can fill the volume up to the specific cup size in a volume they want. If it is within range that I feel comfortable with the size that is good for them then that will be the volume of implant that I will choose for the specific patient.


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