Can My Breasts Be Reduced To An “A” Or “B” Cup?

Serving New York City, Manhattan

Another question that is commonly asked is when patients coming for breast reduction who are quite large will say can I have an A or B cup. When a woman has a very large breasts what usually happens is the breasts stretches and falls down or sags quite a bit so the nipple to fall distance can be quite long. In order to preserve the blood supply to that nipple and areola complex as well as the tissue that needs to go over which includes the skin there has to be a certain thickness of tissue. So patients with longer breasts and larger breasts can not possibly get to an A or B cup without any doing a mastectomy and in that way the shape is often not very nice. In general women who are excessively large breasted I usually can reduce them to a size that will be comfortable with their body and that gives them the freedom if they loss weight they will also see their breast reduce in volume as well. So I tried to make them small enough to relieve their symptoms but leave it appropriate for the body habitants as well.


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