Can I Just Have A Necklift?

Serving New York City, Manhattan

Patients come in requesting a necklift getting rid of the turkey gobler neck and not doing anything else to the face. Neck isolating necklifts on my opinion from the majority of patients is only for a younger patients because not having any laxity in your upper cheek area or jaw area. If a patient have a lot of fat in the neck and or lost some weigh in their younger I may choose to isolate a necklift where the incissions all go from just in front of here along the hairline. In general when an older patient comes in who has laxity of the jaw jawling the center soft tissue of the cheeks I think just doing an isolated necklift is not appropriate and looks funny and out of proportion with the rest of the face. Therefore on those patients I usually suggests both a necklift and a facelift be done as one procedure.


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