Can I Just Get Fillers Or Do Laser Procedures To Rejuvenate My Face?

Serving New York City, Manhattan

Some patients come in who are probably good candidates for facelift but will come in requesting facial fillers and laser skin tightening procedures. In general I tell patients that laser skin tightening which I also have in my office can probably improve your skin between 10 to 20 percent at most. It is not a substitute for facelift and skin tightening for other body parts is not a substitute for the other excisional procedures that I do. Fillers can help provide volume to the face for patients that are maybe bored enough of needing a facelift because basically of short facial depletion then short facial fillers like fat whether its hydraulic acid products are good products to use to lay the need for a facelift procedure. But in general if a patient needs a facelift I think those patients that then get overfilled look unnatural and I think that in general a balance between incisional procedures to reduce the laxity of the skin and facial filler volume are good procedures to combine to give a natural result not overdoing one versus the other.


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