Can I Have Liposuction Of My Breasts To Reduce Their Size?

Serving New York City, Manhattan

Some patients will ask can I have liposuction on my breast to reduce them. In some cases I will say yes you can. However this really depends on the individual and what their goals are for surgery. If a young woman who doesn’t have a large breasts or who has asymmetry of side of breast over the other liposuction sometimes can be performed to reduce the larger breast to match the smaller breast. This is dependent upon the fatty content of the breast if its more glandular its unlikely that liposuction will work. With patients that come in for large breast reduction where the nipple areola complex is setting very low which is directly pointing to the ground or they have a lot of loss skin doing liposuction the breast if their breast is mostly fatty can be done but will not do anything to lift the breast or to shape the breast in any significant way and the majority patients I will have to do the formal breast reduction using either a lollipop incision or anchor incisions that includes in primarily full incisions as well.


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