Breast Implant Pocket Position

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Breast implants are placed in several different pockets depending on the preference of the patient and the surgeon. The first approach can be done using a sub-glandular approach where the pocket is made below the breast gland but above the chest wall muscles. This provides the patients having less discomfort post operatively. Some fitness experts prefer to not violate the muscle and they prefer to have it in the sub-glandular plank. The only disadvantage of the sub-glandular plank position is that if patients do not have a lot of soft tissue coverage in the upper pole, the implant can be very noticeable. Another disadvantage may be a slight increase risk of a capsular contraction formation. Another approach is using a sub-muscular approach. In this approach the portion of the muscle is detach off the chest wall to allow the implant to set properly in a sub-muscular position. Therefore, in the upper half to a third of the upper pole of the chest the breast implant is covered by both the muscle as well as the gland itself. In the lower pole, the chest have glandular coverage but for thin patients that is probably the best approach because the upper pole is a little thicker in terms of soft tissue coverage and is less risk of rippling. There is also theory that there may be a lower risk of capsular contracture of around the implants because its placed in a muscular position. One other approaches being used recently is called sub-facial approach. Sub-facial approach is where your placing it below the facial layer above the muscle. So this is both under the gland and under the facial but not below the muscle. Some people feel that may provide advantages for extra layer soft tissue coverage. And those are the 3 most common pocket positions for the breast implants.


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