Should I get a breast reduction?


The choice to undergo breast reduction surgery is totally up to the patient. If the patient has very large breasts that she desires to reduce whether it is strictly for cosmetic reasons, or because she has symptoms such as bra strap grooving, neck or back pain, or rashes is a personal choice.  Aesthetically, the breasts can be made smaller by removing the excess tissue and skin to alleviate the excess weight and pressure that  heavy breasts can cause, as well improve the position of the nipple and in most cases reducing the overall diameter of the areola as well. When to have a breast reduction is another issue.  Again it is a personal choice.  Some women undergo the surgery in their late teens and early 20’s before having children, while others undergo the surgery later in life.  There is no defined best time in life to have it performed.  Patients choose when it fits into their life.

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