Is a buttock augmentation painful?


Buttock augmentation  includes two types of procedures: 1) a brazilian butt lift which incorporates liposuction to harvest fat from donor areas, and then buttock enhancement by injecting fat into the buttocks, or 2) buttock augmentation with implants. The brazilian butt lift probably is less painful than implant surgery because fat is injected into the subcutaneous plane and muscle layers, but none of the muscle is divided. Operations in which muscle is divided are usually more painful. Buttock implant surgery can be performed in 3 different planes. The implants can be placed in a subcutaneous pocket, a subfascial pocket , or in an intramuscular pocket. In general, the intramuscular pocket is the most painful. However, the intramuscular pocket usually provides more soft tissue coverage to the implant.  But with adequate rest, and good post-operative analgesia, the procedure is usually well  tolerated during the post-op period. 

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