How can I reduce the bump on my nose?

How can I reduce the bump on my nose?

Commonly, we’re asked to treat a dorsal hump or bump on the nose. And what does that entail? Well, the bump on the nose is usually two things. It’s often bone, which is in the upper third to half of the nose, and then the lower half to lower third is cartilaginous. So often the bone has to be shaved down and the cartilage has to be trimmed with the scissor or knife. When this is done, the bones often look a little flat and they have what’s called an open roof. So when patients ask, “Will you have to “break” my bones?” Well, we don’t really just break them, we do precise cuts on the bones to narrow the flat dorsum and make it more triangular in shape so there is a softer line in the nose and it doesn’t look too flat. That is what is done during a dorsal bump reduction.

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