How can I improve my flat nose?

How can I improve my flat nose?

A fairly common question with rhinoplasty comes from patients who have very flat noses. They say, “How do you improve the flatness of my nose?” That can be done through several different techniques, often using either cartilage or implant type materials to augment the nose. It really depends on how much augmentation’s needed. If a patient needs a lot of augmentation, then sometimes their rib can be used or I’ve used commonly what’s called an irradiated cartilage graph that’s obtained from a cadaver. There are some surgeons that will use implants like a silicone implant or a mid-port [SP] implant. I’m not a big fan of those implants, because there’s a high incidence of what’s called extrusion which basically is when the implant works its way through the skin or in through the nostril and they commonly can get infected. And so that’s why I prefer either the patient’s own rib or an irradiated rib, which is in there and often gets incorporated in the soft tissues and that will augment the flat nose.

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