Can I have a tummy tuck done at the same time as a Brazilian butt lift?


This is a very common question. I prefer to stage the Brazilian butt lift and the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. I like to harvest as much fat from the abdomen to use to augment the buttocks. I feel that there is more risk to the abdominal flap if they are performed at the same time when wide dissection of the abdominal flap is performed.  The blood supply to the elevated abdominal flap changes when it is elevated and liposuctioning of this flap can potentially cause wound healing problems.  Some surgeons will not perform wide undermining of the flap and maintain arterial perforating blood vessels to the flap to minimize the risk. The undermining is limited just enough for the surgeon to tighten the midline abdomen.  I prefer to perform the tummy tuck at a later time. I often will consider performing the tummy tuck at about four months after the Brazilian butt lift. Back to Questions


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