I want larger breast implants

I want larger breast implants

There are a lot of patients come in for revision breast augmentation. Some people come in because they have small implants and they want large rimplants, and they want to know, “What does that entail?”

Well, usually going from smaller to larger is easier than going the opposite way. If a woman does not have any significant sagging of the tissues, or a small amount of sag, and they have small implants, then it’s possible to put a larger implant in. Sometimes, it’s difficult to predict how much larger. So, often I have patients do a baggy test with their implant that they have in, and adding additional volume, to get a gauge what kind of enlargement they want, but this can usually easily be done. If the patient does not have a capsule contracture or any other issues related to the previous surgery, this can often be done with a simple exchange and probably with release of the capsule to allow the larger implant to fit comfortably. Sometimes, if the pocket is too large, reduction of the soft capsule needs to be done, and that’s called a capsulorraphy.

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