When Can I Get a New Implant After an Infection?

As with any form of surgery, there is a small risk for infection. When women decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery with implants, the rare situation may arise when they need new implants after an infection. Read on to get Dr. Wallach’s take on this situation.

On rare occasions, I’ll have a patient come in who had an infection, had their implant removed, and now wants a new implant. They often would like to know how long they have to wait. Well, if they had the infection very recently and the implant was removed by another surgeon, I want that incision to heal.

I also want the breast to collapse around the old pocket, and create a sterile environment. I do not want to have any residual bacterial contamination internally. This requires the patient, who has been on antibiotics, to allow for healing between three and six months. It is very important that any signs of infection be cleared before going back in for surgery. Once the tissues are deemed to be soft and free of infection, then I will go back in and place a new implant for them.

If you are interested in receiving new implants after an implant infection, Dr. Wallach can help. As a Board-Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Wallach has extensive experience in breast augmentation surgery and placing new implants. Contact us today for a consultation.


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