What is AlloDerm?

Dr. Wallach often uses a medical material called AlloDerm during breast reconstruction procedures. Read on to learn all about AlloDerm and its benefits.

AlloDerm is an acellular dermal matrix that is derived from human cadaver skin. AlloDerm is used mainly for breast reconstruction purposes, but has other uses in other fields of surgery. When sutured to the breast pocket, it integrates with the patient’s own tissue. This allows for rapid revascularization, as well as reinforces the soft tissue coverage over the implant.

In breast reconstruction surgery, AlloDerm is usually used to cover the lower pole of a tissue expander in a two-stage breast reconstruction procedure. The tissue expander will then be replaced by a permanent implant once it has been adequately expanded. The AlloDerm is used to cover the lower pole to prevent exposure of the expander or implant after the reconstruction. It also provides good support for the lower pole and may inhibit rippling or developing a capsular contracture with the new implant.

AlloDerm provides many benefits. Besides providing natural soft-tissue support, it also:

–Incorporates rapidly with the recipient’s own tissue

–Allows for rapid revascularization, white cell migration, and repopulation of the acellular dermal matrix

–Supports weak mastectomy flaps

–Helps the surgeon to support and define inframammary and lateral mammary folds

Dr. Wallach is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon in New York City. Specializing in an array of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Wallach offers precise and professional care. To learn more, contact us today.


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