What is a Vertical Breast Reduction?

Many patients in the New York, NY area who suffer from overly large breasts choose to undergo a breast reduction to improve their quality of life. Breast reduction is not considered just a cosmetic procedure, but a medical one as well because of the health benefits of lighter breasts. There are a variety of techniques available for plastic surgeons to perform breast reductions. One method, the vertical breast reduction, has grown in popularity in the past few years. Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about a vertical breast reduction.

The vertical breast reduction technique also called the lollipop technique, is known to provide outstanding results, sometimes better than the traditional breast reduction technique. This method works so well because it is similar to a wire rim bra, pushing the breast tissue from the lower and outer sides of breast to the front. This gives breasts a perkier and rounder appearance.

The vertical technique also provides a minimal amount of scarring, since there are no horizontal scars involved, like lower breast fold scars. Many patients that are concerned about excessive scarring opt for vertical scarring. There are, however, certain criteria that a patient should meet to be considered a good candidate for the vertical technique. The lollipop method is commonly used for small to moderately sized breast reductions.

This procedure takes approximately two to four hours, and the breast is reduced in size, lifted, and the nipple-areola complex is often reduced and repositioned as well. Hospital stay is typically required, and recovery time is often one to two weeks.

If you are interested in the vertical breast reduction technique, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Wallach to discuss whether this is a good procedure choice for you!


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