The Dual Plane Technique

The dual plane technique refers to the breast implant being in a double plane or positioned both in the plane underneath the muscle, and in the plane above the muscle — just under the gland.

When Dr. Wallach places an implant underneath the muscle, he usually divides the inferomedial attachments of the muscle along the rib cage and sternum, and places the implant in this position, which is considered a submuscular pocket. However, it’s not completely submuscular.

Around the upper half to two-thirds is covered by the pectoralis muscle and breast gland, and the lower third is covered by the gland tissue. Sometimes he has to release some of the soft tissue off of the muscle so that it the gland re-drapes nicely over the implant as well. This means that there are variations of the dual plane technique.

This dual plane implant placement works well for patients who have slightly droopy breasts or those with a tubular breast deformity, and often produces natural-appearing results.

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