Getting a New Implant after an Infection

Patients rarely experience infection from their breast augmentation, but it does occur. Bacterial infections cause pain, tenderness, swelling and redness around the infection site. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to consult with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Dr. Steven Wallach explains the ideal time to get a new breast implant after suffering from an infection due to breast augmentation surgery.

If the patient has had their old implant removed recently, and would like to receive a new implant, Dr. Wallach would recommend waiting for the incisions to completely heal. Then he suggests to wait for the breast to collapse and recover to restore a sterile and stable environment for the new implant.

In an ideal situation, Dr. Wallach doesn’t want any residual bacterial contamination internally, so this usually requires a patient to be on antibiotics for an appropriate period of time and heal for about three to six months. Once the tissues are deemed to be soft and sterile, and the infection is completely cleared, then Dr. Wallach can perform a revision breast augmentation.

This waiting period allows only optimal results of the breast augmentation and minimizes any risk of recurring infection after surgery. Dr. Wallach strives for only healthy, safe, and effective ways to improve a woman’s body figure, so he takes the necessary precautions when approaching new implants for a patient who just recently healed from an infection.

If you are interested in receiving new breast implants, make an appointment with Dr. Wallach to create a personalized plan for you.


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