Facelift or Neck lift? – Facial Rejuvenation New York

I guess that I am on a run for the same theme, but now we are heading north so to speak.  Many patients hit a certain age and come into my New York office for consultation only wanting to “do their neck.”  In some cases ( especially patients in their 30’s or early 40’s) that is possible.  Inevitably, a great number of patients in their 50’s and 60’s request the neck lift.  However, in most of these patients their face is loose and sagging as well. Jowls along the jawline are present, the skin is really loose, the cheeks are sunken and flat, and their nasolabial folds are very heavy.  So what they really need is a facelift.   To only treat the neck in these patients will make them look quite unusual;  the neck will look better but the jowls, the sunken cheeks, and the prominent nasolabial foldswill remain.  In other words, the face will not be harmoniously balanced.  It’s like driving around a car with one new tire when you need all four changed.


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