Facelift in Manhattan

How do I avoid that “pulled look” from a facelift?
The “pulled look” is commonly the result of actually pulling on the skin to give the lift and pulling it too tightly. Some surgeons use the skin to “lift” the face in a supero-lateral vector. The skin is pulled tightly to try to elevate the deeper soft tissues and as a result distorts the face. I usually mobilize the deeper layers of the face to obtain the proper contour and then only remove the redundant skin as necessary.

I just want my neck done and don’t want the entire face done. Can you do this?

There are a select few individuals that only need “neck work” performed. If this is the case a limited incision can be made along the posterior ear and lobule as well as under the chin to treat this area.

If I have a facelift, do I need to have my eyes and brow surgery as well?

In the analysis of all new patients, I always examine the entire face and discuss treatment options as indicated. The surgery is individualized for each patient and is not necessary in everyone. If the patient could benefit from eye surgery and/or brow surgery, it can be staged at a later time or not done at all. This really depends on the individual patient’s desires. Of course, if only the facelift is performed then a youthful lower 2/3 of the face will be out of “sync” with a tired looking upper 1/3 of the face. Nevertheless, the choices are always up to the patient.

I have seen a lot of patients who have had facelifts and they seem to have lost their sideburn and hair by their forehead. I have also seen people’s ears that look funny after surgery. How do you avoid this?

One way to avoid the removal of the sideburn and temporal hair is to properly design the incisions for a facelift. In addition, the ear can sometimes be distorted looking like an elf or “pixie” as well. I spend a lot of time designing and properly closing the incisions so that the risk of these deformities is minimized. This also adds a lot of time to the overall surgical procedure, but it is well worth the result!

What kind of facelift do you perform?

The surgery is individualized for each patient, and I try to limit the length of the incision. In many individuals I can perform a limited scar facelift whereas in some I have to use a more traditional incision for more involved procedures.


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