Do You Need a Brow Lift?

Aging takes its toll on the body, particularly the face. What was once youthful and beautiful slowly becomes wrinkled and saggy. You’ve tried endless anti-aging creams and other skin care products, to no avail. Maybe it’s time to consider a brow lift.

Are you a candidate for a brow lift?

You’re a good candidate for a brow lift if you have certain facial aging issues. Patients usually exhibit unsightly, deep wrinkle lines on the forehead. These lines may make you appear overly serious or perpetually angry. There are also cases where the skin becomes too relaxed and causes the eyebrows to droop. Patients who have this condition often look tired and lifeless as the eyebrows form a hood over the upper eyelids. If you have these issues, then your doctor may recommend a brow lift.

Still a brow lift isn’t right for everyone. Patients need to be physically healthy before undergoing brow lift surgery. And smokers may not get the results they desire.

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