Cohesive Gel Implants – The Simple Facts

Cohesive gel implants are  now FDA approved to be used for the general population. They are breast implants that were developed to be more tightly bound than traditional silicone implants. In other words, if the implant ruptures, then the gel will remain the same shape and will not ooze. It is thought to be like  Jello and people refer to these implants as “Gummy Bear” in consistency.  I think that the main advantage of the cohesiveness of the implant is that in the rare instance of rupture the gel remains basically intact.  But there are some disadvantages that patients need to be made aware.  First, they are firmer and do not feel as soft as the more traditional gel implants.  Second, a larger incision is required to insert them through than with either saline or more traditional gel implant. Finally, most  are textured and tear-drop shaped and so they may not move as naturally or easily as smooth implants, and if they do turn, it is noticeable and unnatural.  However, they are a good alternative and will give more options for patients.


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