Celebrity Plastic Surgery- What’s The Big Deal?

Celebrities have plastic surgery.  Now there’s a shocker!  They are in a youth oriented industry and area always in the limelight, so looking good and youthful is essential for many of them to prolong their careers.  I guess because of the internet and communication improvements, the ability of a celebrity to hide away from the press and paparazzi to recover has become more difficult and maybe impossible. But it always gets a bad rap.  I think more so when the quality of the work is not good.  My New York City  practice has its share of celebrities in the movie, television, modeling, and music world, but it also has its share of professional bankers, lawyers, doctors, and “everyday” people as well.   In fact, I don’t think that celebrities have any more plastic surgery than the non-celebrity. I just think it plays out more for the celebrity when the press picks up on it.  If it looks natural and the person doesn’t want something unrealistic then I think it is ok.


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