Can I Have a Breast Augmentation and a Lift at The Same Time?

Patients will often come to Dr. Wallach wanting a breast lift and increased volume in their breasts as well. In this case it’s certainly reasonable to do a breast augmentation along with a breast lift.

Many factors including pregnancy, age, and genetics can cause a woman to be unhappy with her breasts. Both loss of volume and sagging can occur. A breast augmentation is done to add volume to the breasts using a selection of breast implants. A breast lift cannot add volume to the breasts, but instead lifts them for a more perky breast contour.

Some surgeons will stage these procedures and do the breast lift first, and then the augmentation. Most of the time Dr. Wallach will do this in one stage, although he will sometimes tell the patient that they will need a revisionary procedure to perhaps tighten the skin envelope down the road. However, most of the time he can perform both procedures at the same time without any need for revision.

Dr. Wallach has extensive experience with both breast augmentation and lift procedures. If you are located in the NY, New York area and are interested in a breast augmentation and lift, contact us today at 212-257-3263 to schedule your initial consultation.


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