Brow Lift in Manhattan

I am afraid to get a brow lift because I don’t want to get that “surprised look.” How do you avoid that?
Brow lift procedures are wonderful procedures to rejuvenate the upper 1/3 of the face. The “startled” or “surprised” look that patients are afraid of has placed a stigma on brow lift procedures. In actuality, a properly performed brow lift avoids this appearance while rejuvenating the forehead by softening vertical furrows between the eyebrows, relaxing the transverse forehead lines, and elevating the eyebrows to a more youthful position.

How do you perform the brow lift?

There are several ways to perform this surgery. I perform an endoscopic brow lift using 3-5 small incisions within the hairline. A small camera and other special instruments are used during this procedure. Sometimes an “open” brow lift is performed. This is a more traditional approach using a longer incision usually within the hairline.

Should I have my eyes “done” instead?

Brow lift and eyelid surgery are two very different operations that treat different things. In fact, sometimes patients have their eyes “done” and too much skin from the upper eyelids is removed. The removal of too much skin can actually pull the eyebrows even lower and give the patient an angrier look! Trying to correct the angry look at this point by performing a brow lift may prevent the eyes from closing properly and therefore the brow lift surgery may not be able to be performed successfully. On the other hand a brow lift can be performed successfully in conjunction with eyelid surgery.


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