Breast Reduction in Manhattan

I have bra strap grooving, neck and back pain. Will my symptoms go away with a breast reduction?

Patients with very large breasts often have symptoms of neck and back pain and bra strap grooving. Many times these symptoms will improve after a breast reduction.

Most people I know that have had a breast reduction have an “anchor” type incision. Are there techniques to limit the amount of incisions?

For many patients I have been using a limited incision approach that creates a “lollipop” type of closure (a circle around the border of the areola and a vertical line from the lower border of the areola to the inframammary fold). In other words, the entire inframammary incision of the “anchor” type of wound closure is eliminated! This can be done for most patients except for those with excessively large breasts requiring more than 2-3 pounds of tissue to be removed from each breast.

Will I be able to breast feed after surgery?

It is difficult to predict whether or not an individual will be able to breast feed after breast reduction surgery. Some women who are very small breasted before surgery can produce a lot of milk, while some very large breasted women cannot. Inevitably during surgery some of the parenchyma is removed. There are many patients who can still breast feed. Again, this depends upon the individual patient.

Will I have normal sensation in my nipples after the surgery?

Many patients will have some change in sensation after the surgery. Some patients with excessively large breasts do not have sensation in their nipples before surgery. In fact after breast reduction surgery some of these patients recover nipple sensation although the etiology is not well defined. However, there are a percentage of patients who will have diminished sensation that persists after a year.


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