Breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery is a great way to restore the youthful appearance of the breasts.  So many women come into the office for breast lift ( mastopexy) consultation because they are unhappy that the breasts are sagging that the nipple points toward the floor, or they have lost volume.  This is often after completing childbearing.   It is often part of the Mommy Makeover.  They almost all say ” I wouldn’t have traded in giving birth for anything, but hate what it did to my body!” There are numerous ways to perform a breast lift. I try to limit the length of the incisions as much as possible. Those that need more volume due to deflation can often have a small areola lift ( circumareola lift) usually leaving only the faint traces of a scar around the border of the areola. In women that have more droopiness, they can often have a lollipop lift done which eliminates the classic inverted-T incision or “anchor-style” incision.    For those that have severe sagging and/or want a large reduction of volume, may have to have the more traditional inverted-T incision procedure.  All in all, they usually heal well and patients are happy with the results.


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